Industry Interactions

SSVAP invites industry stalwarts on campus to interact with students for various platforms such as Masterclasses, Annual Festival, Exhibition, Film Festival, etc.


As a part of the value-added program, SSVAP invites eminent people from the industry to conduct masterclasses for our students. These special classes are to provide a different perspective to the students by the big names in the industry.


SSVAP invites industry experts and practicing professionals to give students an opportunity to learn the industry requirements and develop skills accordingly.

Guest Lectures

SSVAP practices a teaching philosophy where every course has some elements taught by the external faculty. We invite industry professionals to our classrooms and studios to teach some elements of the course.

Bachelor in Cinematography
Diploma in Cinematography
BA in Film Making

Skill Enhancement Program

Bachelor in Cinematography

A skill enhancement course was taken by Ms. Darshana Gosavi for the semester 3 students (2019-2022). This program ran almost for 10 hours from 18 September 2020 to 29 September 2020. The industry expert trained the students to enhance their editing skills for still photography.

Awareness of Trends in Technology

Diploma in Cinematography

A course on Radio programming and digital podcasting was contacted for the semester 3 students (2019-2022) by Ms. Upasana Kaur. Ms. Kaur is a practicing Radio Jockey. This course was conducted from 21st September 2020 to 19th September 2020. The different types of programming which were most popular during the golden times of radio programming were studied.There was also discussion on the popularity of soap operas on the radio medium and how the type of content has changed with the advent of television and the internet.