Students at SSVAP get first-hand experience in practicing their skills on cutting edge photography gear, filmmaking cameras and lights, visual effects and visual graphics, Mac-based systems and software.
SSVAP is well-equipped with high resolution cameras like Canon C200, Canon 5D Mark 1dx, Nikon 800E, 810, D series and Pentax-medium format for training students in different genres of photography and film making. We also have a wide range of Tele, Macro and Fix Prime lenses to enhance their learning experience.
For fashion, table-top, product, automobile, food and other specialized areas of photography and film making, we provide a variety of lights such as continuous lights, DGI gimbal, Elencrom light, Godox and so on.
Along with studio spaces, we have a darkroom processing unit. This unit is utilized for teaching analogue photography; wherein, it facilitates one to wash and develop negatives into digital prints with the help of enlargers, scanners and archival digital printers.

BA in Film Making
Bachelor in Cinematography
BA in Film Making

Studio Life

The Infrastructure of SSVAP Consists of Seven Studios:

Over the course of the programme, these studios become an integral part of each and every student’s life. Together, these studios form a creative and safe space for the students that they get to make their own. It is a space where the students would first unfold their fresh ideas and watch them grow as they learn the art of experimentation. Over the years, these learning spaces provide an enriching and nourishing environment that nurtures the creativity within the students into reaching its potential. These spaces help students grow, explore, and find their niche- not just in terms of their career, but also in terms of understanding and getting to know themselves.

Director’s Message

Symbiosis School of Visual Arts and Photography, located in the serene and picturesque campus of Lavale, Pune, is a renowned institution dedicated to nurturing aspiring artists and photographers. With its commitment to providing a comprehensive education in visual arts, the school has earned a reputation for excellence in the field.

The school offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Visual Arts and Photography, providing students with a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline. Additionally, it offers a specialized Diploma in Cinematography, catering to those interested in the art of filmmaking.

Gagan Prakash

BA in Film Making


Diploma in Cinematography

Hello, my name is Ujjwal Shrivastava, I am pursuing B.A in Photography and Visual Arts at SSVAP, Pune. I have been studying in this institute for almost a year now. The amount of exposure that I have got while pursuing my course here, is tremendous. I can surely say that my creative side has been polished well at SSVAP and it is already helping me in achieving my goals. From Faculty members to the infrastructure and the facilities - everything is top-notch in this institute. It certainly promises a bright future to its students. Thank you, Symbiosis and especially SSVAP for shaping me as an individual and a professional.

Ujjwal Shrivastava current student

Bachelor in Cinematography

I have been associated with the Symbiosis School of Visual Arts and Photography for a few years now and highly impressed with the way the students get a holistic approach for learning. They get on field and off field learning experience under professionals like us who have vast industry experience. I have been a mentor for them for field wildlife photography workshops and liked the energy level of students and their eagerness to learn. A lot of learning happens through practical assignments and that's the key for a strong foundation. I think the best part is their campus which is situated on top of the hill and with the natural elements of nature, the learning is even more fun. Looking forward to a long term association and helping their students become better photographers.

Sudhir Sivaram

Bachelor in Cinematography
BA in Film Making

I’m grateful to SSP for not just giving us access to the Best of Equipment and Infrastructure but also, for giving us great mentors who helped nourish our craft. The curriculum was structured in a way, which apart from moulding me to become a better photographer, also inculcated a sense of entrepreneurship. I’m immensely thankful to SSP for setting my Foundation so Strong.

Manjusha alumni

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Institute Anti-Ragging Squad

Sr. No. Name Designation in the Institute Designation in the Committee Email ID Mobile Number
1 Shailesh Kotkar Deputy Director Member deputydirector@ssvap.edu.in 8329102767
2 Puneet Gupta Assistant Professor Member puneet.gupta@ssvap.edu.in 9403277766
3 Nitin Joshi Teaching Associate Member nitin.joshi@ssvap.edu.in 9711972209

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