The admissions at SSVAP take place in a three-step selection process. This process is designed to identify potential candidates to fit in our programmes. SSVAP looks for candidates who have a creative mindset as well as a clear vision and interest in pursuing a career in the fields of Visual arts and Photography. The admission process begins with aspirants registering themselves on our website wherein, they need to showcase their portfolios. We look for candidates who have been trying their hands on the different art mediums with an understanding and liking towards these art forms.

The next vital step is the admission process in the Personal Interaction. The candidates who get shortlisted on the basis of their portfolios, are called for a one-on-one interaction with the faculty members. These candidates, thus, get an opportunity to express their thoughts about their interest areas and reasons for pursuing this programme.

Admission Process

To register for BA
(Visual Arts and Photography)   

To register for Diploma in   
Digital Cinematography.   

To register for Short Courses   

Bachelor in Cinematography
Diploma in Cinematography

Submit your creative work

BA in Film Making
Personal Interaction

One to one interaction with the aspirants.

For admission enquiry contact: 7796688901


- Three years

- Yes
- Yes, but students have options to choose either hostel or they can opt to stay outside.
  1. Step 1- Registration
  2. Step 2- Submission of creative work
  3. Step 3- Personal Interaction
- You can submit any creative output which you have achieved using a visual art form such as Photographs, Films/Videos, creative writing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Graphics, etc.
- You will be judged on the mentioned points: Story/Concept/Idea, Aesthetics, Composition/Presentation and Eye for creativity.
- An aspirant faces a panel where he/she is engaged to understand his/her interest in the visual art forms, creative aptitude, passion and attitude.
- Generally speaking, 30 percent of the program is theory while 70 percent of the program is practical. However, assessment is 100 percent practical and internal.
- No, one does not need a camera or a laptop as the Institute has enough cameras and related equipment. SSVAP has over 30 iMacs to meet the requirement of Visual graphics and editing related courses. A student can always use these systems.

Fee Structure for BA in Visual Arts and Photography

Program Fees For Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography) 1st Year Academic Year 2024-25 (Amount in ₹)
Academic Fee (Per Annum)* ₹ 4,40,000
Institute deposit (Refundable) ₹ 30,000

Instalments for Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography)

Instalments for Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Photography) 1st Year 2024-25 (Amount in ₹)
1st Installment 2nd Installment
Academic Fee (Per Annum)* ₹ 2,20,000 ₹ 2,20,000
Institute deposit (Refundable) ₹ 30,000
Installments ₹ 2,50,000 ₹ 2,20,000
Last date of Payment At the time of Admission 25-Nov-24

**Hostel and Mess Fees (Subject to change in campus and accommodation type wise. e.g. Twin Sharing, Triple Sharing) (The fees indicated herein are for Lavale Hill Top Campus Only) Amount in ₹ for 1st year 2024-25
Total Fees 1st Installment 2nd Installment
Mess Fees (Per Annum)@ ₹ 94,500 ₹ 47,250 ₹ 47,250
Hostel Deposit (Refundable) ₹ 15,000 ₹ 15,000
Hostel Fees (Different subject to Sharing. Per Annum)@
Twin Sharing ₹ 1,48,000 ₹ 74,250 ₹ 74,250
Three Sharing ₹ 1,30,000 ₹ 65,000 ₹ 65,000
Last date of Payment At the time of Admission 25-Nov-24
**Academic, Hostel & Mess fees for the subsequent year would be communicated before commencement of the next academic year.
@Hostel and Mess Fees can be increased up to 10% each year. Government taxes would be additional as and when applicable.

Fee Structure for Diploma in Cinematography

Program Fees Amount in Rs.
Diploma in Digital Cinematography (Indian Students)
Academic Fees 2,00,000
Institute Deposit (Refundable) 20,000
Program Fees 1st Year (Amount in ₹)
1st Installment 2nd Installment
Diploma in Digital Cinematography (Indian Students)
Academic Fees 1,00,000 1,00,000
Institute Deposit (Refundable) 20000
Installments 1,20,000 1,00,000
Installments pay by date At the time of Admission 25 Nov 2022

Fee Structure for Short Courses

Workshop Duration Audience Price
Summer School in Film Techniques & Photography 10 days Ideal for content creators, emerging filmmakers, social media enthusiasts, professionals, and students. INR 60,000
AI in Photography 2 days Geared towards individuals eager to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and photography. INR 4,000
Photography Portfolio Making - Portraiture, Product & Fashion 7 days Tailored for content creators, e-commerce enthusiasts, social media mavens, professionals, and students looking to craft standout portfolios. INR 35,000
(INR 30,000 for students)
Mobile Photography 2 days Designed for corporates, influencers, and academicians keen on harnessing the power of mobile photography. INR 8,000
(INR 6,000 for students)
Wildlife & Travel Photography & Filmmaking Camps Varies
(2 days,
4-5 days,
7-8 days)
Inclusive: Includes travel, accommodation, and meals. Destinations:
For 2 days: Bhigwan or nearby Pune
For 4-5 days: Tadoba, Melghat, etc.
For 6-8 days: Jim Corbet, Kanha, etc.
INR 6,000 (2 days)
INR 40,000 (4-5 days)
INR 55,000 (6-8 days)

Rules for Refund of fees