Cinematography Workshop

The workshop dealt with understanding Camera for motion pictures and Cinema lighting tools & techniques. Knowledge of the detailed use of cameras for different purposes was shared by our guest faculty Mr. Vikram Amladi. Understanding camera settings & lenses was a part of the workshop.
Lighting for cinema was discussed during the workshop. Different lighting techniques & tools were practiced to give students a feel of cinematic lighting.
Camera movement tools were also discussed during the workshop. Students had hands-on experience on track/dolly, jib etc. Workshops with experienced industry professionals helps students gain insights on camera & lighting for cinema & help them in better understanding of the process.

Basic Sketching & Drawing Workshop

Rupali Patil is a well known artist in the field of illustration. Her installations are mostly based on an individual narrative. She exhibits her work all over the world and mostly she is known for conducting workshops with students from elementary education background. She has a very different insight on art. She is an expert who works with naturally available materials available in the environment.
The workshop on installation was held by her on the SSVAP campus. where the students worked upon the topic of Nostalgia. The students were taught to look into the space and understand the potential of the elements present in the space and how to use the environment to act upon nostalgia. The students did a brilliant display on the trees which reflected their thoughts and their memories. Overall it was a learning that helped them connect nature with the timeline of their choice. The display was well appreciated and as a compliment, a very new ideology was introduced.

Sculpture Workshop

Prabhakar Pachpute is a renowned artist who has excelled in the field of Sculpture. His work is exhibited all over the world and is known for his contemporary attempts turning abstract subjects into concrete forms. He uses different materials and techniques to communicate his understanding about the subject matter. His works are very sensitive and have an empathetic value towards humanity.
The workshop was conducted on understanding the art of Sculpture. The students were taught to ideate a concept through Sculpting. The handson experience also gave them an opportunity to understand the potential of the materials. The artists help the students to composite an abstract idea into a concrete form. Later these sculptures were exhibited.