field visits

At SSVAP, we encourage our students to have field work experience along with classroom sessions. We organize tours at regular intervals according to the structure of our courses. Practical learning in the fields performs a very important role in gaining hands-on experience with the camera and equipment. These tours challenge students to perform in actual environments and overcome the hurdles they face there. Moreover, the tours help students to work in various geographical locations focusing on the significance of understanding the people and culture, biodiversity, architecture of that place.

Industry visits

Industry trips are organised by SSVAP to give an exposure of the process that is taught in the classrooms. Practical subjects like digital printing, filmmaking techniques are well understood by witnessing the industrial experts performing in their studio spaces. These exposures uplift the student’s understanding of minor details of the subject and makes it easy for them to execute. This practice of giving industrial exposure also gives the students an opportunity to interact with the professionals and the subject experts which later can help for getting hands-on experience under the renowned companies.